Medical / Dental

Maintain a Clean, Sanitary & Odor-Free Environment

Choose the Best Trash Container for Each Situation

Janibell offers a full line of trash disposal solutions:

  • In Cabinet Trash Cans — Great for saving floor space in exam rooms
  • Small Stand-Alone Trash Cans — Perfect for waiting rooms, under desks and in patient rooms and restrooms
  • Medium-Sized Stand-Alone Trash Cans — Used in clinics, exam rooms, nursing stations and labs
  • Large Stand-Alone Trash Cans — Ideal for exam rooms, restrooms and break rooms; can also be used as hampers for soiled linens
  • Extra Large Stand-Alone Trash Cans — Designed for areas that generate a high amount of waste each day; can also be used as hampers for soiled linens
  • Commercial Diaper Pails — With a double sealing system and 13 gallon capacity
  • Sanitary Napkin Disposal System — For medical waste disposal, or disposing of feminine hygiene products in women's restrooms

What Other Healthcare Providers Are Saying about Janibell:

"I love the simple operation and clean professional look it gives the office. I no longer have patients looking at open waste in the room. If my technician's hands are full she simply steps on the pedal and deposits the waste. This is a good fit for our office."
~ Dr. Jose Ruben Ramirez, DDS
"Love the Janibell cans because the trash, particularly exam gloves are no longer on the floor so no need to pick them up any more. The office trash is out of sight. Love the ease of emptying the can and the operation of the liner system. I feels they are perfect for dental offices and it has made our office easier to handle and empty the trash on a daily basis."
~ Bonnie from Dr. Sirotnik DDS office

Trash Disposal Solutions for
Healthcare Providers

For hospitals, medical and dental offices and other healthcare providers, maintaining a fresh and hygienic environment is a top priority. Janibell's line of securely enclosed trash disposal solutions offers:

  • Total containment of trash, even during removal
  • Tightly fitting lid that locks in odors
  • Hands-free operation for maximum safety
  • Sanitary disposal with no bag overhang to harbor dangerous pathogens
  • Durable, Latex-Free construction of hard, Non-Porous ABS resin, reinforced with metal crossbars
  • Money-saving flexible continuous liner system that eliminates wasted bags
  • Eco-friendly liners that are flexible, strong and tear-resistant

* Janibell complies with state and federal regulations and adheres to the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the CDC and Health and Safety Code.