Kitchen & Bath

Easy, Odor-Free & Hygienic Trash Disposal Solutions for Your Home

When it comes to providing somewhere to throw out trash within your home, open pails with overhanging plastic liners are really not the best option. Why? Because they're ugly, smelly and very unsanitary. Janibell's trash disposal solutions solve all of these problems...and more.

Choose the Best Trash Container for Each Room

Upgrade your kitchen with the In-Cabinet M330C Janibell. Install the Under-Cabinet M250H in bathrooms and smaller kitchens. Or consider the 6-gallon Stand-Alone Janibell for your bathrooms and other smaller spaces, Don't forget to get a Janibell for the garage, too!

Switch to a Pet Proof Trash Can

Because the lids seal completely, Janibell is the ideal dog proof trash can for a families that have dogs.

Enhance Your Home

Sleek and attractive, Janibell trash containers are securely enclosed systems. There are no odors, no visible waste and no mess.

Save Time, Money and the Environment

Janibell's continuous liner system makes taking out the trash incredibly fast. Plus, because you control the size of the bags, you won't waste an entire bag if you want to take out less than a full container of garbage. Each liner makes 30 full bags or many smaller ones, and usually lasts months between refills. Janibell's liners are 100% biodegradable in both landfill and compost, and made with 20% recycled materials.