Convenient, Safe & Odor-Free Diaper & Trash Disposal

Stand-Alone Trash Cans for the Rest of Your Trash

Of course, dirty diapers are not the only items that get thrown away at your facility. Janibell's stand-alone trash cans — available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes — help keep things clean and tidy in every room. Just like the diaper pail, the Janibell stand-alone trash cans are hands-free, made of non-porous ABS resin and durable enough to withstand years of use. Plus, you'll save time and money with Janibell's continuous liner system.

Also recommended: PRIVÉ, a fully enclosed sanitary napkin disposal solution, for installation in your ladies' restrooms.

Finally — A Diaper Pail Designed for Your Needs

Tired of diaper odors?
The Janibell M400D diaper disposal solution will help you create a fresh and hygienic childcare environment. Designed specifically for commercial use, the durable Janibell M400D diaper pail has a double-sealing system that locks in odors, and a 13 gallon capacity to get you through the day.

M400DS Introduction Video

With Janibell, diaper disposal is easy and convenient. Just step and drop the diaper into the container. Hands-free foot pedal operation ensures maximum hygiene at all times. Plus, Janibell's unique fully enclosed continuous liner system makes emptying the unit at the end of the day quick and sanitary.

Janibell M400D Meets All Regulations & Standards for childcare facilities.

What Other Childcare Centers Are Saying about Janibell:

"Thank you so much for the M400D diaper disposal container. I will recommend this container to the other 5 directors. Everything you said about this container is true...We love it!"
~ Julia Neely, Director, University of Washington
"The Janibell M400D is great product. We use two of them. It works really great and controls diaper odor in our facility just as it claims."
~ Vincent Duffy, Director, The Learning Tree Montessori School
"Janibell M400D Works excellent! We never have to touch the can."
~ Elfriede Weber, Northeastern University
"I have to say... We love it! It is seriously the best diaper receptacle we have ever used."
~ Kristen Roberts, UMHS Child Care Center, Ann Arbor, MI
"We really, really love our new Janibell M400D"!
~ Heather Alanis and Beth Christie, KidsPark Arlington, TX
"The Janibell M400D's are wonderful — we have one in each of our Infant/Toddler classrooms. I also appreciate the excellent customer service and prompt response to any questions we may have."
~ Jody Castillo, Children's Learning Centers, University of Houston
"We are very pleased with the Janibell products that our center uses. We have 3 of the diaper units, one in each of our classrooms. Janibell keep the dirty diaper smell out of the classrooms, provide convenient storage for diapers, and keep the look of the classroom up to the standards of Bright Horizons. They are easy to use and replacing the bag is a very simple task. Thank you for providing us with a valuable product for our center."
~ Gretchen McColley, Director
Paramount Child Care Center
Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Los Angeles, CA
"Our Janibell products are clean, compact and user friendly. With 10 Toddlers in one classroom we are always pleasantly surprised when parents comment how clean it smells! Thank you, Janibell for being part of our center's success story!"
~ Samantha Coontz
Center Director
The Sunshine House at Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO
"We have used the Janibell M400D for over a year now. What a difference! Before purchasing the Janibell M400D we were buying diaper pails every 2-3 months. Regular diaper pails were just not working, they didn't hold up and the smell of dirty diapers was present. We are so delighted to have found the perfect solution!"
~ Patricia Buzas, Director
Jan Peterson Child Development Center, Moreno Valley, CA
"We are a preschool have been using the Janibell M400D system with great success for the past 2 years. An odor-free work environment is achieved by using the system. We currently have 18 infants enrolled and with that many diapers changed we needed a system that would guarantee a safe andclean way to dispose of diapers...the M400D filled that need! It's easy to use and the staff loves it. I recommend this system anywhere diapers are changed."
~ Doug Vanderbilt, Owner
The Goddard School located in Hazlet, NJ
"The Janibell M400D works wonders in our high-volume childcare. It is more sanitary than a traditional disposal. The double sealing system prevents children from getting into the bin, as well as working to minimize odor. The continuous bag is easy to install and convenient to use for busy educators. It is sturdy—I can't tell you how many expensive trash cans and diaper disposals I've had to replace for broken parts before purchasing this one. I would recommend this product to anyone working with young children."
~ Rachael Y. Brown
Senior Administrative Coordinator
Cyert Center for Early Education
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA