Care Giving

Create an Odor-Free and Hygienic Environment

Improve Your Patients' Quality of Life

Janibell helps you create a more home-like atmosphere for your residents by eliminating unpleasant odors and keeping waste out of view. These attractive waste disposal and linen hamper solutions are perfect for:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Rehab Centers
  • Hospice Care

Stand-Alone Trash Cans for the Rest of Your Trash

Of course, soiled briefs are not the only items that get thrown away at your facility. Janibell's stand-alone trash cans — available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes — help keep things clean and tidy in every room. Place smaller trash containers in each resident's restroom and bedroom, and larger trash cans at your nursing stations. Just like the other Janibells, each trash container has a tightly fitting lid, hands-free foot pedal operation, convenient continuous liner system and extremely durable construction.

Also recommended: PRIVÉ, a fully enclosed sanitary napkin disposal solution, for installation in your ladies' restrooms.

* Janibell complies with state and federal regulations and adheres to the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the CDC and Health and Safety Code.

The Ideal Solution for Soiled Briefs & Linens in Nursing Homes

Introduction Video

With the need for adult briefs a fact of life for many nursing home residents, facilities across the country depend on the Janibell system to keep odors in the can and out of the room.

Janibell is:

  • Odor-Free - Tight Sealing lid
  • Durable & Clean - Non-Porous ABS surface structure
  • Hands-free - For maximum hygiene & safety
  • Sanitary - With no bag overhang to harbor dangerous pathogens
  • Economical - Unique continuous liner system eliminates wasted bags
  • Eco-friendly - Liners will fully degrade in landfills but are flexible, strong and tear-resistant

Janibell is an ideal trash can solution for Assisted Living facilities.

What Other Healthcare Providers Are Saying about Janibell:

"Janibells are wonderful, convenient and quite a cost saver in bags. We love that we don't have to take a whole bag out for a very small amount of garbage! I am looking forward to ordering more Janibell cans in the future! Thank you."
~ Kim Glover, Director of Environmental Services
Dallas Retirement Village
"he transition from our old process to the Janibell solution was quick and extremely easy for our CNA's. The Janibell receptacles completely trap the odor. We have not had a single complaint.... Janibell has made the whole process of briefs disposal faster and easier for our CNA's. It has given them more time to devote to other resident care needs.""
~ Julie Cox, Administrator
Arlington Garden Care Center, Riverside, CA
"We have been very pleased with Janibell. Our staff and residents have noticed a substantial difference in the containment of odors in the rooms where we have switched to Janibell products."
~ Sandra J. Sell, Assistant Administrator
Rialto Retirement Home, Rialto, CA