Keeping the Trash Child and Pet Proof

by Janibell Staff

If you are anything like my husband and I, you know the challenge of keeping toddlers and pets from satisfying their curiosity whenever something catches their attention.  You can spend hundreds of dollars on the latest toys but our little one likes to go right to the kitchen trash can.   Likewise our pet Pomeranian Roxie would always have a curious look into the trash which could end up spread over the kitchen floor.  Needless to say with the mess, smell and the concern of the spread of bacteria, we wanted to find a better way other than keeping the trash hidden away which was inconvenient. Thank goodness we found the Janibell trash can system.   The enclosed trash can keeps the mess & smell contained inside. The closed lid opens with a foot pedal so the dog cannot get into it and our little one cannot quite operate the mechanism well enough to get in and gets bored with it.  At least for now our problem is solved.  The hard smooth plastic is easy to keep clean and we save money and convenience on trash bags too. Thanks for solving a household problem. 

Pam Klug
Riverside, CA