Healthy Kids, Healthy Care: Diapering

by Janibell Staff

Excellent advise from National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care. (1-800-598-5437,

Diaper Changing Areas

  • Is there a separate area for diaper changing – away from food and meal preparation areas?
  • Is the diaper changing surface only used for diaper changing (e.g. not for food preparation)?
  • Are changing tables leak proof, kept in good repair, and cleaned and sanitized after each use?
  • Are changing tables at a convenient height for caregivers (between 28 and 32 inches high)?
  • Are changing tables equipped with railings or barriers that extend at least 6 inches above the change surface (to prevent falls from rolling)?
  • Is there at least one diaper changing table per infant and toddler group?
    (Note: There should be enough diaper changing tables to allow enough time for changing diapers and for cleaning and sanitizing between children.)
  • In child care centers, are handwashing sinks within arm’s reach of the caregiver to diaper changing tables and toilets?
    (Note: A minimum of one handwashing sink should be available for every two changing tables.)
  • In family homes, are handwashing sinks within 10 feet of the changing table if the diapering area cannot be set up so the sink is next to the changing table?
  • Are soiled diapers stored in containers separate from other waste?
  • Are soiled cloth diapers and soiled clothing individually bagged to be sent home with a parent at the end of the day?

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