ISSA & IFMA 2012

by Janibell Staff

JANIBELL Booth at ISSA 2012

It was great meeting you all at the ISSA & IFMA 2012 in Chicago & San Antonio!! Thanks for all your support and see you next year!

Maintenance Sales News – May/June 2011

by Janibell Staff

Maintenance Sales News May 2011

Janibell and our line of Sanitary Disposal Solutions was the focus of a feature article in Maintenance Sales News magazine’s May/June 2011 issue.

Never have to touch the can!

by Janibell Staff

Janibell M400D Works excellent!
We never have to touch the can.

Elfriede Weber
Northeastern University

Everything you said about this container is true…We love it!

by Janibell Staff

Thank you so much for the M400D diaper disposal container. Below are the results our infant teachers have made since implementation.

1. Noise free
2. Odor free
3. Easy to open
4. Infants are not attracted to the white container vs. the previous silver container.
5. Bag efficiency: only uses as much of the bag as we need for diaper disposal.

I will recommend this container to the other 5 directors.
Thank you. Everything you said about this container is true…We love it!

Julia Neely, Director
University of Washington – Children’s Center at West Campus

Magikan Refills

by Janibell Staff

As Janibell (formerly Magikan) moves ahead to improve and expand our product line of convenient and hygienic trash containers, Magikan refills will continue to be available.

To order Magikan refills, simply select the Janibell refill number that matches your Magikan model number. For example, Janibell 250R refills fit all M250 containers, including Magikan models M250P and M250H. If you have any questions or need assistance with your Magikan refills order, please contact us. We are always happy to be of service.

More good news! When you order Magikan refills, you will discover that the new and improved Janibell refills are sold with Longer Liner, at a Lower Price, and are 100% Biodegradable. In addition, the refills are now green in color, marking our increased commitment to protect the environment.

We thank our Magikan customers for your continuing support.

Keeping the Trash Child and Pet Proof

by Janibell Staff

If you are anything like my husband and I, you know the challenge of keeping toddlers and pets from satisfying their curiosity whenever something catches their attention.  You can spend hundreds of dollars on the latest toys but our little one likes to go right to the kitchen trash can.   Likewise our pet Pomeranian Roxie would always have a curious look into the trash which could end up spread over the kitchen floor.  Needless to say with the mess, smell and the concern of the spread of bacteria, we wanted to find a better way other than keeping the trash hidden away which was inconvenient. Thank goodness we found the Janibell trash can system.   The enclosed trash can keeps the mess & smell contained inside. The closed lid opens with a foot pedal so the dog cannot get into it and our little one cannot quite operate the mechanism well enough to get in and gets bored with it.  At least for now our problem is solved.  The hard smooth plastic is easy to keep clean and we save money and convenience on trash bags too. Thanks for solving a household problem. 

Pam Klug
Riverside, CA 

A Breath of Fresh Air for Child Care Centers

by Janibell Staff

Diaper Disposal: Efficient, Odor Free, & Sanitary

Janibell announces the all new M400D Commercial Diaper Disposal System for child care market. This large 15 gallon model is specifically designed to meet the concerns of child care centers.  Once soiled diapers are dropped into this container, users never see, smell, or touch the contents again.

Commercial Diaper Disposal System

Commercial Diaper Disposal System

Odor control is essential to maintaining a clean and hygienic image and a pleasant workplace. The Janibell container has a double-sealing lid system to contain the odors. It operates hands free, with a foot pedal for quick, easy, “step and drop” disposal.

Removing trash from the container is easy and completely sanitary. The M400D contains an ingenious continuous flow liner system that eliminates the often messy job of removing and replacing traditional trash liners. To remove trash, simply open the door in front, pull the liner down, cut the disposal bag to the right size using the built-in safety cutter, and tie off new liner above. Done! The bag is removed for disposal while the contents at all times remain safely sealed inside the Janibell liner.

Empty the contents as often as you wish. Only the minimal liner material needed is used. No resources are wasted. The M400D liner cartridge, with over 100 feet of material, is able to dispose of up to 1,000 soiled diapers over several weeks between refills.  This system saves your staff several hours per month by not having to locate, open, and install replacement trash bags every day.

Additional value features of the M400D include:

  • 100% biodegradable trash liner material protects the environment.
  • Durable ABS hard plastic construction, attractive, easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Self-sealing dual lid keeps trash safely out of reach of children.
  • High/low density plastic liner material is tear and leak resistant.

Janibell containers are backed by a Lifetime Manufacturer Limited Warranty.


by Janibell Staff

FIrst of all, we sincerely thank all of our Magikan customers for your continuing support and positive feedback on our products. 

The Magikan brand has been on the market for quite some time now. Our very first container was actually called “Kleen-Aid”; we adopted the Magikan name in 1988.

In recent months, we have been reviewing our past history as we plan ahead for our future. To better serve our customers, we must continue to add to and improve upon our past products. Accordingly, we have decided to refresh our image, to mark a new beginning with a new name.

I sincerely hope the JANIBELL name is accepted well by our existing customers and does not create undue confusion. We will continue to provide the best service possible to our loyal Magikan customers.

Our core service remains the same: We deliver the world’s most hygienic and convenient trash disposal system.

Refills for all Magikan models are still available. Janibell refill order numbers coincide with the Magikan container model number (e.g. 250, 280, 330, etc.).

Once again, thank you for your support as we renew our promise to better serve you now and in the future.